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Originally Posted by Zeebo View Post
Buckladd and Bob K, thanks for the info.

Reading on DEC: "Two tent sites are located on the north shore of First Lake and may only be used by float plane customers."

Gotta say, not a fan of this arrangement -- sounds like these sites might be nicer for such a privilege?

Anyone have an idea about the frequency of the use by float planes or what outfit provide services to Essex area? -maybe a phone call and planning could serve as a way to access these? -Just a thought.
No, not really "nice" they have been used a lot in the past. Picked over and nailed and built up "things", built and placed more for convenience rather than any particularly pretty vantage or placement- in fact if I recall, kind of muddy. . There is ( or was) a dock and a bunch of stashed aluminum canoes. . Not the sort of sites I prefer.

Don't fret about them too much- you have the rest of the lakes and shoreline.

I just ran across a close up of the same 1st lake site. So i added it to this post.There is another, with less architecture and more canoes
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