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Essex Chain Area

Hi All,
Wondering about some of the features around the Essex chain area. Looking to spend 3-4 nights, typically I would do this in an area or traverse of much greater size (lowes to O for example)

First, i'm unclear about some of the campsites and gates. Are the sites on Deer Pond and Fifth Lake Accessible by Car or is there a gate at Deer Pond Parking Lot? Anyone have preferences on water campsites (good swimming areas?)

Second, any interesting features to note on the trails and woods around the ponds. I suppose a hike to the Hudson would be reasonable for a day trip.

Third, are any of the inlet or outlets amongst the lakes /ponds navigable? from what I have read from stripperguy the chain drain is via first lake(?) to the cedar sounds promising for exploration.

Thanks all, appreciate any insights
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