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Have you looked at hikes in the Hudson Highlands? Harriman, Bear Mountain, Storm King, Hudson Highlands, Clarence Fahnestock, and Wonder Lake State Parks all have a plethora of hikes, with greatly varied difficulties- something for everyone. All with significantly less driving for you than the Catskills/Adirondacks/Green Mountains.

(I am particularly partial to Wonder Lake, as I did the official state inventory for that park. A beautiful, quiet park with miles of trails to explore and a couple of scenic lakes to visit.)

I would definitely recommend picking up the New York Walk Book and the Harriman Trails Book. You should also invest in a few map sets in preparation for your hikes.

I believe that Harriman and Fahnestock State Parks both have car camping campgrounds that you can use. Harriman also has backcountry camping, if you're looking to get started in backpacking.
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