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Originally Posted by MTVhike View Post
Why are "pack canoes" sit-on-bottom? I would like a lightweight canoe which I can paddle the traditional way (kneeling with a single-blade paddle). I find my back hurts when paddling a kayak, even with a proper backrest. Can the Hornbeck or Placid Boatworks Canoes be made for kneeling?
Several of the 1 person Swift canoes come with the option for a pack canoe setup (sit on bottom) or touring setup (elevated, traditional seat bolted to the gunwales). The solo models available with the traditional style of seating that I see offhand on their site include the Keewaydin 14, Keeywaydin 15, and Prospector 14. There is also an option (for an extra fee) to have knee pads installed in the canoe.

FWIW, I've had similar back complaints when paddling kayaks in the past myself, but with the Placid Boatworks setup I've definitely felt far more comfortable. Even the "sit on bottom" style of setup includes a seat that is raise a few inches off the floor (seems to be at least a tad bit higher than the traditional kayak setup) and that makes a big difference for me.

EDIT: Sit on bottom, not sin on bottom, hahaha.

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