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Originally Posted by djblankenberg View Post
I'm really leaning toward bog-lows and staying there in a lean-to. Are the lean-tos in good shape there or should we plan on tents? Also should we be using bear canisters there?
Note that there are no leantos on the Bog River - Lows. But there are plenty of designated tent campsites. Note also that the final 3/4 mile road leading to the lower dam (the usual put-in) may be gated until the DEC decides that the mud has dried enough for travel. Could be the middle-end of May, depending on recent snow and rains. No problem parking or getting to the dam to launch, but you may have to carry that final 3/4 mile. You can always call the NYSDEC to find out. Click here for more info.

You are not required to use bear canisters in the Lows area, but they are highly recommended. Otherwise keep a clean camp and hang all food and smellables according to accepted guidelines. Bears (and mice and squirrels) are well known food robbers in the region.
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