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Less trails are better, to some degree. Western Adirondacks are not necessarily my favorite place to go off trail though. And I think I'm a lot more adventurous than a fair deal of users. And having good bridges on trails that are used are good investments IMO.

Speaking of bridges - I see A LOT of them built in western NY by scouts. Like really good ones too.

You need to target all the groups who use the bridges too. If it's a potential bike trail, then AFTA may support you. If it's a ski trail, then a XC skiing group may support (not sure who that might be in that area). The more support you can get, the more likely you can get someone to take on the project or organize a volunteer group. It still may be advantageous to make your own not-for-profit and fund and organize specific projects if you have the motivation to do so. These sort of things are labors of love. You'll unlikely get any support outside of the Rome/Utica. There's a ton of cottagers and visitors from farther west/south but getting volunteer, or even financial support from this distance can be difficult. People who will donate or volunteer tend to invest in stuff that is closer to them, and less of a drive. That always puts locals in the ADKs in a difficult position of pouring all their free time and money into supporting this kind of stuff and just survive. The close visitors will be the ones that will have to carry the brunt of the support if you are to make a significant change.
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