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I wouldn’t exactly call it failing. Given the mileage of trails in the sw Adirondacks most are really good. Not exactly always dry but not bad. It’s really a function of use. More use keeps trails blazed. I have no complaints about bridges in the area. In Pigeon Lake wa you deal with a lot of wilderness type bridges, cord and toadstools which can be unpleasant but perhaps that’s part of the rugged appeal. I think if that were all boardwalks it wouldn’t be much of a wilderness area.

There’s probably a lot more that could be done in rebuilding and rerouting of historic trails. Some has been done and some is good trail already. Sometimes there isn’t a good alternative. But either way even thinking about that is a big process.

If you were to organize a group, which definitely can be done and many exist (although I don’t know of one specifically for hiking in this area) I would suggest raising as much money and support as possible for future UMP amendments to reroute or rebuild troubled trail rather than try to revive trails that really don’t get used. JMO.
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