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Eagle Point has some nice sites, but is pretty small and right on Rt 9 so there's a fair bit of road noise. I'm not sure they ever opened the beach for swimming last summer -- budget considerations I assumed.

Scaroon is nice and the facilities are pretty new. There's a nice beach that's pretty popular among day users, from my experience. Most of the sites are open and exposed, which isn't really my thing personally, but they're nice and flat with plenty of room. There's the amphitheater ruins to explore, which could be fun for a kid. And you're close to plenty of kid-friendly hikes like Mt Severance, Gull Pond, Spectacle Pond or Goose/Crane and all the Pharaoh Wilderness has to offer. Of course, Schroon isn't a non-motorized lake.

I haven't camped in either Paradox or Putts, but have been through both. The sites are more "woodsy" than the two campgrounds above and more my style. Paradox isn't non-motorized, but is quieter than Schroon. From memory, the beach at Putts is probably a little nicer. And you have all the hiking you could ever want right from the campsite. Seems the best fit for what you're looking for. And, with either one, you've got Fort Ti down the road if you get stuck with a rainy day and needs someplace to go. It was a lifesaver for my parents when I was a kid!
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