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I reside in Central New York with two beautiful women, my wife and daughter. Hiking and time outdoors with friends and family is where it is at for me. My college years were spent in the hills of NEPA on my mountainbike and swimming in the Tubs. Traveling around to see the good ole' Grateful Dead and Phish introduced me to the western mountains, the rolling hills of the midwest and great trails away from the east coast. The White Mountains and Adironadacks are my favorite mountains to hike, while the mountains of Vermont are my favorite to mtb and I try to get to both as much as possible. With my work schedule and newborn daughter I have spent less time on the trail and more time on my road bike exploring the hills in my area. I'm an avid cyclist and mountainbiker with a passion for backpacking. This past winter I have put away the snowboard and picked up snowshoes. I hope to summit some peaks in the winter time and see the Adirondacks in a new light.

I am grateful that I stumbled onto this site and have enjoyed reading and learning from all of your posts.

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