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Up here in St. Lawrence County and enjoying the abundance of birds. It was pouring when I went out this morning. I set up a couple decoys and sat in the rain....too wet for my slate to work, I managed to keep the box call dry...I love my mouth calls! They don't care how wet it is.
I imagined a few very light distant gobbles around 6:00 and then imagined a couple cluck responses a while later. A train of hens and jakes appeared at about 6:30...a slow parade at about 100 yards...two of them came in to about 20 yards and I managed to avoid being seen. They went behind me and when I turned slowly and spotted another parade...90 yards and following the hens....jakes and Tom's...a couple big boys on the tail.. The birds were all very quiet. If I hadn't seen them I wouldn't have known they were there.
I made a couple light clucks with the mouth call and two of them broke off and headed towards me. The big boy closed 70 yards in about 10 seconds...I made a light cluck and he popped his head up behind my hen decoy and that was all she wrote....25 yards. Squacks, gobbles, all kinds of commotion...I counted about 30 birds. Nothing to brag about really...9 1/2, 1 1/4....but 27 pounds! I have never dropped such a big bird. What a pig.
Only a fool would have gone out this morning...the 101 tasted just fine with a coffee chaser.
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