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Originally Posted by mgc View Post
Turkey season is a favorite. The North Country is blessed with an abundance of birds. I hope to get some scouting in this coming weekend.
WRT calling....I know someone that called a bird in with a creaky ice chest door. He was back at camp getting a drink, opened it up, it creaked and bird gobbled back. He did it a few times and soon Mr. Tom arrived.
It's normally not that easy, I went out 21 days two years ago to get a bird... the saying is that if they had a sense of smell you would not be able to hunt them...the hearing and eyesight is amazing. The can literally see you blink from 60 yards away.
I have heard them gobble after hearing my truck door slam. I use a slate box and call them in. Turkey hunt in the morning and trout fishing in the afternoon. Works for me.
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