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I've often wondered about that myself. My brother in law is one of those people. They will follow each other in a single line, for 100+ miles and then brag about it. "We snowmobiled 108 miles on Saturday!" he will say, expecting me to treat it like some major life accomplishment. How is breathing someone else's fumes and looking at the ass end of their snowmobile for 8 hours fun? I don't get it. At. All.
Those people sure do love it, I don't get it either, but to each his own.
I'm not a snowmobiler either, but I do have a BIL and SIL (but no BFFs ) who enjoy it immensely. Maybe they do it for the same reason that people ride through the Adirondacks on their Harleys - to see the scenery, feel the wind on their faces, enjoy stopping for dinner at a favorite restaurant, enjoy the camaraderie. There is also a heightened level of self-reliance, especially on the trails in Quebec there are hundreds, if not thousands, of miles of trails.

We tend to think that everyone is out there just to go fast and make noise. But that perception is formed through our own eyes, not through theirs. I don't know what the percentages are, but I'd imagine that most people are out their to enjoy being in that place, doing what they love to do. I love running on trails; some people think I should run on roads, or on the high school track. IMO they simply don't understand.

I'm not condoning violators; those who ride where they are not legally allowed, those who show no respect for private dwellings by screaming by them at high speeds (is there a snowmobiling equivalent to a "no wake" zone?), etc.

Just my .02.
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