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I went for a hike today with MDB to my favorite BC ski spot...there was barely any cover, at most 4 inches where it had drifted and consolidated.

In the photo from this morning, you can see how sad the situation is...last year I was skiing in this exact spot, in untracked, knee deep powder every week or two.

I have been out to lift served skiing, the big K was pathetic. And Okemo, though not my sort of terrain, was surprisingly good. One bump run with little Barbie and Ken sized bumps, no hope of any woods skiing. But the temps were near 50F, and made for excellent spring conditions on Feb 1st!

It's not just the snowmobile riders suffering...seasonal plow guys have no income, stores that sell shovels, snowblowers, salt, all are suffering.
Winter carnivals all around are postponed or cancelled.
In the capital district, we are currently at 5.5 inches for the season, last year at this time we were over 50!!

I suppose there's still time to reach the seasonal average, but it doesn't seem likely. Hopefully, this is a hundred year event, this non-winter of 2016.
Back in November, I spent a few $$ and hours to reskin my plow and install a new pump the driveway it sits, as yet unused.
On the plus side, I've had no calls for no heat or frozen pipes from any of my tenants, and utility bills are low.

All in all, I'd much rather have a normal winter...I just hope that this isn't the new normal!!

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