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Originally Posted by St.Regis View Post
I must admit that I did not watch both lectures in total. Still, he's an interesting speaker. I think he's basically rebranding adaptation or coming at it from a different angle. That's my take on it anyway
I've watched the entire course, and I'll tell you that you are wrong.

He's not rebranding anything, but the entire lecture series is a literature study of the history of the study of human behavior from a biological and psychological standpoint as well as a micro-study into a number of different sub-fields to give, at the end, the best picture of the fields of neurobiology and endocrinology at a somewhat current level of understanding.

Because so much of human behavior from the biological standpoint is compared to animal behaviors, and trying to find the lowest common denominators - you'd be surprised how far down the the evolutionary chain certain behaviors go based on some pretty clever research i.e. see ethology.

He's a great lecturer and extremely thorough. If you start at the beginning it's quite an amazing course with a HUGE breadth of different aspects to look from.

I merely linked those two lectures because they completely address what you questioned as well as providing a number of landmark studies i.e. references which were done. But if you can't be bothered to listen, then I wouldn't expect giving you information on those studies (as you asked for) would be any better. He breaks down into a few hours what would take a very studious person perhaps years to read and digest by going through all the literature.

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