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Had an awesome overnight trip so thanks again for the tips and descriptions, they were definitely useful. I only saw a group of 3 on the hike out along the NPT so the mission was successful to get out and away. The trail out was much easier to follow than expected. I recognized the area you mentioned where trail was tough to follow, however somebody had marked it with an occasional red marker on a few branches in between the actual markers. It wasnt really challenging at all to follow with the addition of those extra marks. There was a fair amount of blow down once i passed Moose Pond but it wasnt too bad to navigate. This trail would be much harder to follow in the heart of summer though (although there looked like a couple really cool swimming holes along calahan brook).

Moose Pond Stream LT was an awesome place to camp. I really enjoyed the site they had. Two LT's there and the stream was gorgeous. I didnt see any garbage either which is always a huge plus.

Unfortunately, i was running a little later than i wanted too on friday so i did not end up checking out newcomb lake/ Camp Santanoni so i will have to be back then. I hope the guys who dragged a canoe out to Moose Pond ended up catching some brookies too.

All in all i logged 31-32 miles (my gps turned off on me twice and i lost some distance) in 10 hours of moving time. Really pleased with myself as it was my first solo trip and also longest ive hiked on consecutive days with a full pack. A great barometer for planning my next few trips
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