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Avalanche Pass Equipment Rec.

Looking for equipment recommendation for an out and back day ski tour from ADK Loj to Avalanche Pass and possibly Lake Colden. I have an AT set up with skins OR an all-around XC ski (non-metal edge).

Having not hiked the trail, I'm curious if the skins on AT skis will be more of a hindrance than a useful tool OR if my basic XC set up won't hold up to the rigors of the terrain. Not opposed to renting equipment if either of these won't cut it.

My AT/downhill experience is mostly rooted in VT sidecountry and I'm confident I can handle the tour as I have good route finding and backcountry experience, but I'm looking for equipment recs.

I recently picked up Goodman's "Best Backcountry Ski Tours" and have a strong desire to try some ADK tours. I figured starting with this tour would be a solid intro before attempting a summit.

Any advice appreciated!

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