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I haven't been to that alluring sub-peak (not to be confused with the lower rock climbing knob that is very close to the hiking trail 20 minutes before the Wright/Algonquin junction) but I have thought about it many times while sitting on Wright. It is a rocky knob not far from the main hiking trail (that must have great views) and there is an obvious drainage that starts 5 minutes or so above the Wright/Algonquin junction that appears to provide the path of least resistance to get to that summit. I think your best option is to climb Wright and sit there and stare at it and you'll see the best approach. I'm almost certain there is no herd trail to it and surprisingly, know of no one that has been to it. But, beware, the bushwacking at that elevation is very nasty! It will be slow and you will get destroyed so wear durable clothing that covers your entire body, gloves, maybe eye protection and be careful. You may not feel like continuing to Iroquois that day if you do that peak after Wright so maybe do it on your way back if you want to make sure you do the other peaks first...
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