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Well...ended up at Wolf Lake State Forest. My pal bonked at the Huckleberry LT and we spent the late afternoon braving a frigid 45 degree afternoon. Our original intent was Wolf but he was unable. Cruddy afternoon turned into an epic sunset and better sunrise on the islets across from the LT.

Got down to 28, I woke up at 3 chilly...I packed my BA double Z vs an insulated pad and had my foamy on bottom w/summer pad on top. Dummy...Tried not to get out to remedy but 30 minutes later I redid...awoke at 7 toasty warm in the LT.

We hoofed to Wolf LT and while I was sunbathing I heard a crashing noise to the north.....a moose!! A Moose!!.

Jumped in, swam across the lake and exited on the opposite side. Very cool.

Great walk back to Huckleberry, he decides he has to leave. We bailed at 3. Home by 7.

My bed is warm but I'd rather be breathing the breeze out there.

Pix later..
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