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I did a trip similar to your plan but in the reverse order. Carried my 3-day pack to the Allen herd path, cached my bear can and overnight gear (separately) and carried a lightweight summit pack to the summit. Retrieved my gear and continued north on the East River Trail to camp near Flowed Lands, stopping to enjoy Hanging Spear Falls on the way. Next day, continued to Feldspar leanto, set up camp and day hiked to Gray and Skylight. Last day, hiked down to cache overnight gear at Hebert Brook leanto, hiked up to Marshall and back, picked up gear and hiked out to the car. Carrying a lightweight summit pack with essentials was much better than carrying full packs the entire time.

EDIT: Correction - plan was to camp near Flowed Lands but my friend got lost coming down from Allen, so we camped at the designated site near the old Twin Brook leanto location because it was getting late in the day.
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