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Dave B
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After the publication of Mellor's first book, the blue one with the screw-post binding, A friend and I hiked in and climbed a couple of exploratory pitches. This was probably 1985, and we were impressed with the rock quality. It had some mossy spots, but was generally pretty clean for untracked ADK slab. I distinctly recall a very mossy left facing corner right off the ground that we considered, before moving father left and wandering around for a couple pitches.

I think we saw a single, hand painted no trespassing sign, black letters on white background. We avoided it, but went around another way where we saw no more signs. Ahhh, youthful exuberance!

There is very good potential for moderate climbs with big runouts, typical Adirondack slabs. If it was bolted, one could climb almost anything. I hope it stays unbolted, personally.
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