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The Nature Conservancy. After a series of investigative reports by the Washington Post, Capitol Hill called for an investigation of the practices of The Nature Conservancy, which eventually led to the restructuring the of the organization's board.

Among the various items investigated by the Senate Finance Committee was the organization "allegedly selling land to trustees, making loans to employees, and receiving money from the sale of land to federal and state governments."[24]

Senator Grassley states in a letter to The Nature Conservancy, "People who donate property and dollars to help protect the environment deserve to know The Nature Conservancy won't betray them."[25] Some of the items for which he requested documentation pertained to a $1.55 million loan at 4.59 percent from the organization to the president and CEO Mr. McCormick as well as documentation regarding executive compensation, discretionary funds, and transactions with board members.

The investigation by the Senate Finance Committee prompted governance changes by The Nature Conservancy. These included implementing controls to prevent conflicts of interest and increasing the interaction between the board of trustees and management

These guys seem to really have the lands best interest at hand it makes me feel good they are so concerned with the environment and are offering all of us a good deal on forest land . I must have missed the public listing of donated lands for sale ha ha . Many people don't ever check out the group they are supporting . they say the the group is saving the environment but many are just completing their own agenda for themselves and friends . The people with the money have they power and thats the truth . The nc has all sorts of power people tied to them and the govt . they are for profit non for profit and they have found that oversea investment is much more profitable . if they cant strong arm in the USA then they will take govt money and ship it out of the USA then do what they want. Many paid members make a salary from the nc and also sit on other boards and groups which they get paid for bringing their yearly pay to close to a million a year . think about it?
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