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Originally Posted by Mallard1100 View Post
Interesting thread. I also have a 5 year old daughter I would like to start taking on some trips. What have you guys done to mitigate the bug issue? I see my daughter having a hard time during peak season. I would assume planning trips around times when the black flies etc subside?
Eureka makes a bug house that can be set up without using a frame- rather you pitch it over a ridgeline and stake out the corners. It's not the lightest thing ever but I've found it to be worth the weight to carry on easier trips in particularly buggy conditions:

There is a bigger version as well. For some reason they don't sell it in the US so you have to pay import fees.

I did also find this Nemo bug house, which appears to be a similar design, and is available in the US- and currently on sale (as it is a discontinued model):

But yeah, in general terms... Probably skipping the worst of bug season isn't a bad idea when it comes to backpacking/primitive camping with kids.
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