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Originally Posted by reindeergirl View Post
For that welcome (for which I thank you very much), a gift to you, the view from my living room window (a mile out, we are new to this place, and it's a priority for me to paddle out there):

Not the mountains, just a little mountain in the sea, our little Mt. Olympus. I hope you enjoy the view.
Nice view. I lived for a while along the Eastern Shore. Always loved the views, but never cared to spend time on the beach.

There is a place in Connecticut where I could walk in through a sassafras forest into a meadow and sleep under the stars, looking up into the sky and seeing them clearly. Just over a little rise the waves would be breaking on a beach and I could smell the salt air. I would often wake up in the morning with a whitetail or two grazing nearby. It was the last bit of undeveloped oceanfront in New England, other then some places along the Maine coast.
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