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Natives of the Adirondacks

Ongoing research into how indigenous people used the Adirondacks, and how long ago they were here from PSC.

There was an extensive video course lecture series about North American indigenous civilizations on Prime last month which didn't necessarily cover this, but touched on some points that are probably worth considering.

The PSC videos speculates as long as 8000 years ago. And that is probably true. Hunter-gatherer societies were much more widespread and nomadic. The lecture series talks a lot about the transition to a sedentary, and agrarian society and this took a long time to migrate to the north east. I'd guess those cultures probably would have moved off of the Adirondack dome for better soils, but still used it for hunting and gathering. There's another video that I should find and link that talks about how natives may have managed the northern forest for higher game and nut production by using fire prior to the reliance on corn.

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