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1/21/21 Return to County Line Lake

skiied into the lake again, this time with new 2-3" at trailhead and over 6" new powder at the 2400 elev on the last 1/2 mile to lake. We skiied across the lake and poked around looking for potential route to Duck Lake, but then took the shorter distance toward Fisher Vly and got halfway, per GPS. Route isn't too bad, it follows the natural break in the steeper slopes separating the two drainage areas and we reached height of land and a small stream that flowed south in about 45 min. The unconsolidated snow and heavy load on all the tree branches slows progress and makes visibility a challenge, so we turned back but will return the first week of Feb, and we'll get to Fisher Vly then.. Doubtless our tracks were obliterated a few hours after we set them as this year with the Great lakes being warm, the Tug Hill effect on the western and southern adks is bringing lotta snow every few days (that no internet weather forecast can know about).
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