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I have a Trangia alcohol stove that I will also occasionally use. I like the versatility offered by the simmer ring and the primer tray (making it easier to light the stove in shoulder season conditions). It does have noticeably longer cook times, however... not always an issue but sometimes I want food/hot water now and it can be frustrating having to wait.

A number of years ago I invested in a DragonFly for dead of winter trips. It's by far my heaviest and bulkiest stove, but you can't beat it for reliability in subzero temps. It also simmers really well, unlike the WhisperLite.

For shoulder season conditions, I recently purchased an MSR WindPro II. It's a remote canister stove with a couple of features designed to extend the usable temperature range of canister fuel. The canister is attached to the stove via a flexible tube, which allows you to invert the canister so that you're feeding liquid propane directly into the stove rather than the evaporated fumes boiling off of the top. And the fuel line runs across the top of the burner to pre-heat the fuel before it is fed into the burner itself.

So far, I'm loving the WindPro. When the canister is inverted it is slightly tricky to get it to simmer, but it's not as much of a PITA as with the WhisperLite.

The stove of mine that gets the most use by far, though, is the PocketRocket 2. Lightweight and fast (in warm temps, at least).
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