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It sounds like a really nice trip, I hope you'll enjoy it. I made my first visit to the area last year and made a day trip from my campsite on Lows down to Lila and back. It was not too hard to go both ways in a day, but I didn't have all my stuff with me. The trail from Harrington Brook to Lila was messy in August because the weeds had grown up over the big rocks so I couldn't see where I was walking. It's like walking on an invisible rock pile, and there are deep hidden muddy spots. I climbed Federica while I was there and I found it was a lot faster and less buggy to head straight downhill from the summit to the lake rather than going back down the trail, and the terrain wasn't bad. I did Grass Pond Mountain from the south and it was very nice, but didn't have time to try going up from the Grass Pond end.
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