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Please get familiar with a few important information web pages. The NYSDEC site has tons of official useful information, but the multiple pages can be confusing to navigate at first.

Start here for primitive camping information, along with the internal links....

Then understand the backcountry camping rules and guidelines from the larger set of regulations given here:

Many of the DEC regulations are based on Leave No Trace Principles. Please heed them.

Note that you are allowed to set up camp in the same spot for 3 nights only, unless you have a permit issued by a Ranger for a longer stay.

DEC Rangers are there to help you. After you select an area you think you would like to visit, call the ranger who covers that area for tips and the latest information on that location.

Region 6 is the western third of the Adiondacks

Region 5 covers the eastern side.

As Stripperguy mentioned, forget about planning to get into the Moose River Plains until mid-May at the earliest. The road is gated and locked until after mud season.

And I also highly recommend getting one or more editions of the Discover the Adirondacks series of guidebooks.
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