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Well say a paroling ranger caught one person a year, and signage and information about the law in circulation educated another few people, etc... there may not be many teeth, but right now there isn't anything anyone can do except look like an a$$hole for telling someone who is barebooting a trail to get off or get some skis or snowshoes.

Somehow what happens in the EHP seems to deter most of it. If not it would look like a local park, I guarantee it. The Marcy dam trail would look like a pack of horse galloped down it every weekend.

I just don't necessarily see the other side. Some people who don't support the current rule want some kind of rule, but they want it reformed. I never specified what the rule should be, just asked if there should be one.

Now I am asking why you wouldn't support it. Some people think I am provoking them. OK yeah. Stand up for what you believe in for once.
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