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Originally Posted by Professor Hobbit View Post
The data I've seen shows decreases in oil/gas consumption and greenhouse gas emissions starting right around 2008, in both the US and EU. Do you have some data that says otherwise? please share if so.
But you are right that the US showed a greater decrease. Probably due to our lack of public transportation. Cars only get driven when people use them. Trains and public transportation keeps running at pretty much the same pace whether the trains are full or not. At least that's my hypothesis.

And technology will continue to prolong output forever, and ever, and ever at the same price....,35422/
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I suspect that once supplies do start running low, super efficient engines and furnaces will come along to prolong the use of carbon based fuel at a much higher price of course. These will probably be developed by the energy industry as well as the transportation industry through cooperative R&D. In other words, profit will create the efficiency that the companies are currently saying is impossible.
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