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Originally Posted by cityboy View Post
Professor, as you know it was a worldwide recession. Despite that, the US reduced CO2 more than any country in the world. The price of electric and natural gas is much higher in Europe than the US by a factor of 2 to 3. By your affordability statement the poor of Europe should have significantly reduced use and therefore European emissions should have been reduced much more than the US. Just the opposite occurred.
The data I've seen shows decreases in oil/gas consumption and greenhouse gas emissions starting right around 2008, in both the US and EU. Do you have some data that says otherwise? please share if so.
But you are right that the US showed a greater decrease. Probably due to our lack of public transportation. Cars only get driven when people use them. Trains and public transportation keeps running at pretty much the same pace whether the trains are full or not. At least that's my hypothesis.

Originally Posted by cityboy View Post
Peak oil has been predicted many times over the years and yet new reserves are found or new drilling techniques invented to prolong output.
And technology will continue to prolong output forever, and ever, and ever at the same price....,35422/
The idea that technology can solve any problem we face is a matter of faith, not facts. It's become the new dogma, an unquestionable belief in our own genius. It's our religion now.
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