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Professor, as you know it was a worldwide recession. Despite that, the US reduced CO2 more than any country in the world. The price of electric and natural gas is much higher in Europe than the US by a factor of 2 to 3. By your affordability statement the poor of Europe should have significantly reduced use and therefore European emissions should have been reduced much more than the US. Just the opposite occurred.

Peak oil has been predicted many times over the years and yet new reserves are found or new drilling techniques invented to prolong output.

Without public subsidies renewables can't compete. That free money is the reason why gas and electric is so expensive in Europe. The index for renewable companies dropped by 90% from 2008 to 2012. Numerous countries (Spain, Britain, Germany, Australia, etc...) are reducing subsidies not increasing.
And then there is coal. Its increased its share worldwide. Its not going away. In fact I predict that any new energy future innovation will be in a cleaner burning coal.

The economic reality plus national interests will effectively prevent any international agreement on the reduction of CO2. The only hope is that China, Britain and Germany Frack and use gas instead of coal for electric production.

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