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As far as Kyoto and it's dropouts, the US didn't set an example. The United States signed the agreement but did not ratify it. One of only 4 U.N. Members out of 191 and the European Union. And lets see, cutting back 1/3 of global emissions is an "only"?!! WOW!!
The US is not the problem. If you will recall our President told us in the State of the Union that over the last 5 years we lead the world in CO2 reduction. We are no longer number 1.
China is the problem followed by India and the rest of the developing nations who not only refuse to sign on but insist on reparations.
You say US should lead and we have. If you are referring to coercion that has not worked too well for the Ukraine, North Korea and Iran. The US has very little influence today.
If you had read the link you would seen that I was being conservative. Actually there will never be an agreement. Ever.
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