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Originally Posted by EveryTripAnExpedition View Post
Hello Guys:
Don't you think the ethic of wearing snowshoes is more a matter of
backcountry education/training?
But aren't some of the principles of LNT enforceable?

And I kind of agree, the law really only needs to be there when education/training doesn't work. But how many people have taken LNT training? I haven't, but I know the principles, but mostly because that's the way we did it before I ever even heard of LNT.

I would have worn snowshoes back when I started winter camping if I knew better. Back then I thought snowshoes looked like tennis rackets and were only used by Canadians in the great white north.

So obviously something is wrong if I knew enough to pack my garbage in and out and didn't know enough to use the snowshoes.
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