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I believe we will burn off every last ounce of fossil fuels. King Coal, tar sands oil, texas sweet crude, fracked, you name it. Until it's 100% picked clean and converted back into Co2 we're living an orgy of energy release.

At Thanksgivings there was bad weather that grounded a lotof flights. On TV the announcer said that 90,000,000 Americans were traveling by air that weekend. 90,000,000. That's just a drop in the bucket. I have an acquaintance who is a pilot of a container ship, goes all over the world. He told me the number of vessels on the seas at any given moment and their daily oil consumption, which of course was a staggering figure. Then he said compared to air travel that is was nothing.

Now how much impact do you think you are having by slowing your pickup or SUV down by 10 mph on the freeway?
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