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Originally Posted by redhawk View Post
So I have two questions.

Is it possible to keep putting all the byproducts of burning fossil fuel in increasing volume into the atmosphere and not cause climate change?
Redhawk, the answer to your questions is that it doesn't matter. We will never see a Global agreement encompassing more than 50% of nations to cut CO2 in our lifetime.
Here is a link to the bad news. (I wish I could just post the Graph for Global CO2 emissions by country but I don't know how).

Initially the Kyoto agreement only included 32% of all global CO2 emissions.
With recent dropouts its down to less than 12%.

In my opinion the only possible way to reduce CO2 is for the world to follow the US in fracking shale deposits. From what I see that may not be possible due the difficulty of where the deposits are and to environmental opposition to fracking itself.
So the future looks bleak.
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