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Originally Posted by MTVhike View Post
A couple of years ago, I went in to the Boreas Ponds area and there was someone with a horse trailer parked on the access road, and I saw them (and their horse) on my way back. The area around Boreas Ponds is riddled with old logging roads, on which bicycles are prohibited but horses are allowed (Wilderness Area).
I've been on most of those roads- without maintenance many of them were very rapidly becoming overgrown, rocky and rutted, etc. Also, with the Wilderness designation, a lot of those roads that were still in decent shape were "naturalized," and are no longer readily accessible by horse (or by hiker, for that matter).

The DEC appears to no longer be promoting the use of these old roads for horseback use- probably for these reasons. The former interim access plan (and associated map) showed some of these roads beyond the Boreas Ponds dam as being open to horseback use. But if you look at the current DEC map for the Boreas Ponds tract (PDF Link), there is no indication of access for horseback riders beyond the dam.

Legally, horses are still allowed beyond the dam (but that may change if foot trails are designated in the area) but realistically a lot of those old roads are already no longer nearly as accessible as they were even a year or two ago.
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