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There's also a few horseback riding trails in the Pharaoh Lake Wilderness (in addition to the trails in the Lake George area). The trail into Pharaoh Lake is well maintained, with a generally wide corridor along an old road bed and gets some occasional horseback riding use.

There's also the Sucker Brook Trail, but honestly the DEC has had a tough time keeping this trail open and accessible... it gets very little use, and beyond a few miles in or so the beech grows into the trail faster than DEC trail crews can cut it back. I had heard that a horeseback riding club had adopted this trail and planned to help maintain it, but the last time I hiked the trail it looked like they hadn't done much work on it. In any case, the first couple of miles of are well maintained and would make for a nice ride, I'd think- it traverses level terrain along an old road through re-forested farm land. If you poke around you can find foundations from old farm houses, barns, etc.
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