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I would say the biggest horse community in the Adirondacks is built around Otter Creek. Boarding your horse just outside the park on this side might be your least expensive option. Hay supply and prices are generally better than any other place I know of. There are a number of stables around Otter Creek and lots of trails. I live in Forestport, about an hour by truck and trailer from Otter, an hour and a half from Brookfield trails. Lots of local trails and the BREIA trails in Alder creek just 10 minutes away. It's a couple hours to drive a
truck and trailer up to Newcomb. The first time I went up there I camped at the Newcomb campground just after they had built their stalls with a $30,000 state grant. This past year though the new owners decided they didn't want horses there, so I ended up camping at Frontier Town. Frontier town was nice, but there aren't much in the way of trails there, and trailering back to Newcomb was a pain.

Friends of Otter Creek website:

Polaris Bridge over the Hudson 2020

Farm at Santanoni
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