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Originally Posted by Zach View Post
Is there still a horse/wagon service that makes trips into Camp Santanoni? If so I would think they must be based somewhere nearby.
The horse and wagon service is provided by a concessionaire under official contract with the state. In season (late spring through autumn), the state provides a small stable at Santanoni to house the horses owned by whoever holds the contract to provide the wagon service- in part because there really isn't an abundance of other options for boarding the horses in the area. This stable is not available for public use, nor is it usable on a permanent, year-round basis even by the concessionaire. The current holder of the contract is a farm that is actually based in Whitehall, NY, which is not particularly close to Newcomb.

Santanoni does get some use by other horseback riding groups but even so, use along these lines is generally light and infrequent. While it is true that there's more opportunities for horseback riding in Newcomb than in some other areas of the ADKs (between Camp Santanoni and the Essex Chain), it's nevertheless still fair to say that Newcomb is not really a hotspot of horseback riding by any means.

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