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Nothing new here. Same discussion from a couple years ago:

The article covers the same ground. It's reasonably accurate, except:

>It does disservice by trying to revise history to blame the Olympics for the use of road salt; that's simply false, and suggests some kind of political narrative.

>It states "no solutions have been found" which is not really true; the DOT is piloting various solutions already, as stated in their comment.

The logical next step would be to implement some of the existing technological solutions. As I said on the other thread, I think the taxpayers would be willing to pay for those.

(As a taxpayer, I agree that I don't want to pay for yet another do-nothing government commission, to enrich politicians' friends. But that's the way it's done in NY State. We will probably have to wait a few more years to see the implementation of solutions that are ready right now...)
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