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Paddling in the Tupper/Saranac Area

We'll be up in the area next week and I'm looking for a few paddle possibilities. We've already done many paddles in the area so I came up with a few that we have not done. For the trip I am planning, there would be four of us in a 16-foot Royalex canoe. We would like to do paddles with an emphasis on short/easy, prettiness of the waterway, views and a place to stop for lunch and/or swim.

1) Launch at Axton, through Stony Creek Outlet, then up Ampersand Brook as far as we can go before turning around. Can we go very far?

2) Chubb River near Lake Placid. Are there places to swim?

3) Launch at Saranac Lake Islands Campground and paddle downriver, through the locks, then find a trailhead to Owl and/or Pine Pond where we'd go for a swim. Is there a decent trailhead/trail from Oseetah Lake?

I would like to know if anyone has any comments on any of these.
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