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Stony Pond, VWMWF, 16 Mar, 2021

Today was a great day for Tredhed and I to re-visit Stony Pond in the Vanderwhacker Mt. Wild Forest. Our last trip here was way back in the late fall of 2012, way too long ago. Since this isn't a terribly long or strenuous hike, we arrived at the Rt. 28N trailhead in mid-morning; uncharacteristically late for us.

1a TH (2).jpg

We figured micro-spikes would be good for today's walk and after suiting up, we headed up the trail. There was a slight skiff of snow on the ground and fresh tracks from a solo hiker over the weekend. We made note of the deliberate gait and masculine stride of said hiker. Much to our surprise, the last entry in the register was by a long-time Forum member and esteemed trail guide author. Who was no doubt researching his next masterpiece.

1c register.jpg

The trail was in great condition today. Hard packed snow made it feel like we were walking on concrete; we made good time.

1h1 trail.jpg

The trail did have a slight identity crisis though. There were multiple styles of markers throughout the 2 mile route to the pond. The DECinfo Locator lists this as a multipurpose trail.

1d2 trail.jpg

We also noticed snowmobile trail markers, foot trail markers and old aluminum disks from the 1960's. Of course, we saw every permutation of the markers along the way.

1q1 trail.jpg

After a few ups and downs, we crossed several solid bridges and began the final push to the pond.

1r1 trail.jpg

Arriving at the old lean-to site, we weren't shocked to see the old boats still poking up from under the snow.

2a SP.jpg

We checked out the "new" lean-to and were impressed. It was re-located up the hill from the old site and is in great shape. Sure, there was a little trash around, but it was easily cleaned up.

2h LT.jpg

The view down to the pond and Green Mt. is superb.

2j LT view.jpg

We took advantage of a good picnic table and fired up the stove to have some hot soup for lunch. It was a beautiful, late winter day, but nothing improves morale like a cup of hot soup.

2m stove.jpg

Soon enough, we finished lunch and walked back down the trail to Rt. 28N. It was an absolutely glorious day to be in the woods. One of these days, we'll get back here in soft water season and see what things look like. Until then, we have some good memories from 2012 and today.
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