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NPT winter friendly trailheads

Considering a small winter out and back on a section of NPT. Not a thru hike, not even a full section hike. A very timid exploration - walk a few hours down the trail to a designated site or 150', enjoy a night in the woods, and return.

I've gone through the threads here, have the guidebook. Have a healthy respect for NPT in winter and a conservative consideration of our skillset.

With that said:
I'm having trouble with Trailheads.
  • We need the trailhead to offer secure overnight parking (so not really a shoulder in the winter season. Do not wish to return to find my little Toyota hanging from a tree with a plow blade imprint on its butt).
  • Trailhead can't be one at end of seasonal road. We have to take into account that even a plowed secondary road might involve us brewing a cuppa tea waiting for the next pass.
  • Sections with fords or wading might be out unless temps are low enough.
  • Sections with multiple "creek" crossings might not be wise if, like this weekend, there will be some melting going on. We understand that the cute creek you cross in the morning can be a raging torrent in the afternoon.
  • Accessing NPT from a branch trail is fine.
  • Specific question: Piseco. Does Town of Arietta Highway Dept permit overnight parking? Over Piseco options (airport?)
  • I have gone in off of Tarbell near long Lake but recollect that that was sort of side of road parking and am not sure how much of Tarbell is plowed.

My thinking is I have become acquainted with most of the major High Peaks trailheads and want to start getting a better knowledge of NPT options.

Thank you
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