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Johnny - Thanks for taking the time to post the photos.

Tabe - Thanks for letting us know about your trip. I've been gone since late last week and didn't mean to hijack your post regarding Facebook.

Justin and everyone else - Thanks for your comments. I guess for me I spend enough time on a computer each day with work that I'd like to keep it down as much as possible. I'm not anti-Facebook as much as I'm looking to spend less time on-line. If that means I don't get to see someone's photos, well that's on me; not them. That being said, I have been told that Facebook has a public setting of some kind that allows non-Facebook members to view photos. If a person posting a report will use that feature, it's definitely appreciated. If not, that's OK too. It's their choice and I can respect that.

That's all for now. Take care everyone and until next well.

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