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Originally Posted by gmorin71 View Post
between this and wb's post looks like a few of us are getting in to fish, good to see the forum going again.

I got out to my first pond trip of the season this morning. when you coach girls, prom day is like a holiday and a day off so i took off first thing this morning. i learned i shouldve done more cardio over the winter as the hike, which ive done a thousand times, kicked my ass!

was surprised to see the water temp at 53 degrees, and fished it hard for a couple hours without a take. went through a bunch of patterns...nothing. then, went to my ol' reliable that never lets me down and hooked 5, landed 4 in the next hour or so before i called it a day. great to get out.
Very nice to see you got into them. Three guesses where that pond was. It does get steep.
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