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I spent a wonderfull night in this lean to last spring. We made full use of the shelving tables and chairs. Cleaned out the fire pit using the wheelbarrow and tools.

We put everything back where we found it. It was a great first adirondack experiance.

And the tree cutting seems to have been done many years ago.. The frequenters of this site also cleared some of trail that connects to stone dam lake. As a good portion of it is lost in a beaver pond due to daming.

Everything seemed very clean and well kept while I was there. And we mad eit a point to leave it nicer than we found it.

I can understand the issues with the misuse of the area. But considering this is a unique lean to lef tover from an old way of doing things.. I see nothign wrong with leaving it as is.

Sure maybe remove the tools and stoves.. But I see no reason to burn the shelving and furniture. That seems way too Farenheight 451. There is enough conformity and imposed rules in the world " for the benefit of everyone".

I see no harm in leaving this one lean to remain. However it should also be free use all year if said hunting permits are no longer allowed. If that way of conduct int he state lands is over then noone should have special claim to it. UNless it was speciffically purchased or written into contract.
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