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There was a time when anyone could apply for a permit to construct a camp on State Land. Typically, they were tent platforms for large canvas tents. Some of them got pretty fancy, and many were essentially private summer homes (people bent the rules as much as possible, blurring the line between "tent" and "cabin" wherever they could).

I found a website once that detailed the history of the permit camps on Upper Saranac Lake, including pictures. I tried to find it again, but to no avail.

Eventually, the state decided to no longer allow the permit camps. I believe that, rather than remove all of them immediately, they were allowed to remain until the death of the permit holder.

Pennsylvania went through a similar situation, except that they allowed for the construction of permanent cabins on state land. After an explosion in cabin construction in a very short period of time, they stopped issuing permits. I don't think there are any plans to phase out the cabins that were already constructed on PA state land, however, so they all still exist and are regularly used.
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