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Forget about trout ponds and lakes. Will be too warm and difficult for shore fishing. It could be swampy etc..

You could look at headwaters of major trout streams on state land.

But better yet look at State Lands just outside the Park for camping on major rivers like the Grass, St Regis, Hudson etc. downstream of trout water. At that time of the season the bass will be biting, they won't need a lot of fancy equipment for fishing. Just some shorts, old runners, a light spin rod and some small spinners and bass lures. Canoes would be handy. Lots of action. Could easily catch 20 plus bass per day and some of those streams have walleyes, pike and muskies.

You should encounter fewer people on these marginal spots and the bugs won't be as bad......just squitos at dusk. Don't see many folks on a bass river....not like a trout stream.
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