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Great photo. Note, the long slab down & right of the main face is the location of the climber's route Iditarod, (see for an account of our adventure on that route). The arching corner toward the left side of the main face is where most of the routes are located(see for our fun here). All but two routes end under that "eyebrow", as it is a large overhang. The photo on the cover of Adirondack Rock is of Rednecks on a Rope, the one route that breaks through that overhang, on its right end. Vertebrae, another full-length route, ascends rock about a hundred feet or so to the right, topping out 60' from the tower.
The climbing there is awesome, reminiscent of alpine climbing out west. But for hikers who wander off the trail, it presents a grave (literally) hazard.
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